Snacks, Drinks and Food Items Available at Stamart Travel Centers

Stamart knows that when you are on the road or just stopping for a quick break, you need something to keep you going. We have all of your favorite snack items, beverages and meal items ready for you to Grab 'N Go! From fast food items, to roller grill foods to healthy made-fresh soups, sandwiches and more.
lucky 7 Cup
When it comes to your thirst we have something to quench it no matter what you desire. Get your
Lucky 7 Cup and get discounted fountain pop refills or if coffee is your drink of choice, grab one of our coffee club punch cards for coffee or cappuccino savings or purchase a Stamart coffee mug and get FREE coffee refills every time you stop back with your mug.

- Fountain pop
- Hot coffee
- Iced coffee
- Gourmet coffee
- Shakes, Smoothies
- F'Real
- Bottled water
- Energy drinks and much more!

Fresh Made Deli Food Items

At Stamart we make a huge selection of food items fresh every day which are perfect to Grab 'N Go. Throughout the day we make both cold and hot food items so there is always something ready for you. If you want to stretch your budget further -
Look for our Pick 2 and SAVE!

food- Deli sandwiches
- Sub sandwiches
- Croissants
- Donuts
- Soups
- Salads
- Breakfast Pizza
- Personal Pizza
- Popcorn Chicken
- Chicken Baskets
- Fries & Potato Wedges

Roller Grill and Hot Food Selections
Convenience is the key and we have made that our focus. Stamart is open 24 hours a day and we always provide an excellent selection of hot food items for your convenience. You can save even more everyday with our
Lucky 7 Punch Cards, when you earn punches toward FREE food items - get yours today!

hot dogs- Hot dogs
- Cheddar dogs
- Brats
- Egg Rolls
- Broaster Chicken
- Popcorn
- Sandwiches

Snack Food and Treats donuts
- Cookies
- Donuts
- Candy
- Popcorn
- Ice Cream
- Scones
- Muffins
- Potato Chips
- Prepackaged sandwiches

chicken scones cookies
pizza sandwich condiments

Open 24 Hours Daily "It's Time to Make a Stamart Stop!"
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